Our Services

We offer many different services, most of which are free. Unfortunatley, we can't give everything away for free because some services cost US money. Below is a breakdown of what we offer along with any cost that might be associated.

Our Billing Model

R3dLabs uses a pre-pay billing model. This means, you deposit a dollar amount and that amount is slowly consumed as you utilize our services. If desired, you have the option to setup "Auto Recharge", which will automatically charge your card if your balance drops below a certain threshold.

Some services will consume these credits AS-YOU-GO, and some will consume them once every thirty days. For example, AI Chatbot functionality will consume a tiny amount of your credits each time a message is sent using AI.

All pricing is subject to change due to fluctuating market conditions.

Twitch Raid Train Event Mangement

We're very proud of our Raid Train Management features. Our basic Raid Train Tool will always be free. We may offer some advanced features in the future, but right now what you see is what you get!

Twitch Chatbot (R3ddyBot)

R3ddyBot is our Chatbot which is used on Twitch and soon, other platforms. R3ddyBot has a few different features, details below.

Chatbot Features

Billing Model Price
Basic Timers - FREE
Basic Commands (Coming soon) - FREE
Event Timer Messages - FREE
Custom Chatbot Name - FREE
Artificial Intelligence PAY AS YOU GO See AI Below

AI Features (Artification Intelligence)

R3ddyBot can be enhanced with AI. This is an optional, but fun feature. All new users get a $2 trial credit that you can use however you see fit. After the $2 have been consumed, you have the option of settings up pay as you go billing. You can even setup 'auto recharge' so your bot never sleeps. R3dLabs AI features are billed per message, and the message cost depends on which settings and features you are using. Use as much, or as little as you want.

AI Models

Billing Model Price
GPT 4 PAY AS YOU GO $0.09/message
GPT 3.5 * PAY AS YOU GO $0.006/message
Llama2 PAY AS YOU GO $0.005/message
At $0.006/message (GPT 3.5) you will pay roughly $18/month for 3,000 messages. *