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R3ddyBot is your AI Powered Twitch Chatbot.

About R3ddyBot

R3ddyBot is the R3dLabs Twitch Chatbot. Since launch, he has been limited to making announcements about Twitch Raid Train's, but we just gave him a major upgrade. Now, you can use R3ddyBot to send message timers to your chat and use Artificial Intelligence. We're adding features very quickly, so soon you will be able to add commands and event actions as well.


Basic Timer Messages
You can write messages to be sent to your Twitch chat at given intervals
Event Timer Messages
When taking part in a Raid Train, R3ddyBot will periodically send announcements to your chat. The announcments include an 'upcoming' slots announcement, and any timers that were created by the event organizer
AI Personalities (Contexts)
Add an unlimited number of custom written "Personalities" for R3ddyBot to use on your channel. When responding to conversations and prompts, R3ddyBot will use the currently active Personality (only one can be active at a time)
AI Prompt Timers
You can write your own AI prompts and have them sent to your chat on a timer. For expert users, you can even choose from a few different AI models.
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AI Conversations
You and your viewers can chat with R3ddyBot and he will carry on a conversation. You can even create custom "Personalities" and he will respond in character.
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All new users get an immediate $2 in free trial credits. No credit card needed. You can use those credits to experiment with all of the AI features R3ddyBot has. Just click the button below. Click here for more details about R3dLabs services and pricing.